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4/4/2017 E Smith Contractors Wins Award From SBDC

The New York State Small Business Development Center at OCC has chosen E Smith Contractors as the Bonded Contractor of the Year award winner.

E Smith Contractors LLC owner Eli Smith was delighted with the announcement. “We are thrilled that OCC has recognized our organization with this award. Our employees are the key to our success and we are happy that OCC has highlighted the work we do with the downtown community that makes up our workforce.”

The award will be held at the Syracuse Downtown Marriott on Monday, April 14th.

2/9/17 John Katko Welcomes Business Expo Attendees

Representative John Katko welcomes attendees to the Minority and Women Owned Business Expo and talks about his conversation with Eli Smith of E Smith Contractors and SGTR LLC.  “I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Eli Smith and our discussion on growing opportunities for small businesses in CNY. And the importance of growing new ventures to help alleviate local poverty.”


2/1/17 Daily Orange Highlights Eli Smith's Entrepreneurial Spirit

President of E Smith Contractors, Eli Smith, was featured in The Daily Orange in the February 2017 issue.  “Smith strives to be a role model for the young members in the Syracuse community who may not have those people to look up to.”

“Smith emphasizes the importance of everyone understanding the company’s goals and how the company is working at all times, whether people are in the offices or out in the field. His team understands that although the Syracuse community would like to see small businesses like his grow, there is not enough work for them to stay solely in the Syracuse area.”

Read The Entire Article here. The Daily Orange [Source]

1/24/2017 Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

Meets With Congressman John Katko To Discuss Local Business Growth

President of E Smith Contractors, Eli Smith, met with Representative John Katko on January 24th to talk about how local businesses can continue to grow and flourish under the new administration. Their discussion also centered around poverty and bringing more jobs to cities that are in need of economic prosperity.

Representative John Katko on Twitter [Source]

10/4/2016 - Eli Smith Wins Award for Entrepreneurial Spirit and Achievement as a New York State-Certified MWBE

The Carey Gabay Excellence and Innovation Awards

Eli Smith was honored to receive the Carey Gabay Excellence and Innovation Award from Governor Cuomo at the Oncenter in early October.  E Smith Contractors was recognized for entrepreneurial spirit and achievement in New York State contracting.

The award was named after Carey Gabay who was tragically killed as a victim of gun violence in September 2015 at the age of 43. Before his death, Carey served as an Assistant Counsel to Governor Cuomo and as First Deputy Counsel for Empire State Development. During his tenure with New York State, Carey worked tirelessly to ensure that the Governor’s MWBE program was a success.


Aug-Sep 2015 - E. Smith Contractors is Featured MWBE Company in City of Syracuse Newsletter

City of Syracuse Neighborhood and Business Development Report

Our team was featured in the city of Syracuse Neighborhood and Business Development Report as a Minority and Women Business. We are thrilled to be a part of the vibrant community of small businesses in Syracuse and Central NY.

City of Syracuse Neighborhood and Business Development Report